PORTFOLIOS > Lost and Found


In this series Lost and Found I dug down deep to a dark place that I've been for many years reluctant to revisit, but finally found the courage. This body of work is the third phase of my ongoing series- The Lost Years- about the death of one of my twin daughters as a result of amniocentesis that went horribly wrong when my babies were at 6 months gestation.

This series reveals the aftermath of that fateful needle and the effects of profound loss on the mother and daughter who remain. There was little time to mourn back then- I had our lives to save; but those calloused-over emotions rippled out over time. After the tragedy, not only did I lose my child of flesh and blood, but my own inner child withered away, severing for many years the connection to my creativity and self expression. It has only been since embarking on a heroine's journey of healing a year ago that I have allowed myself to confront this long-repressed colossus.

Catalyzed by society’s overwhelming zeitgeist of collective grief, I have worked to integrate the shadow of loss into my artistic practice. It has been deeply taxing to go down to the underworld again and relive the waves of a mother’s sorrow, but also cathartic and strangely buoyant as I free up decades of blocked energy in this alchemical process. This series integrates all I learned in the darkness layered with newfound light; a scrapbook of hard-won wisdom for my Persephone and myself.