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40 Days and 40 Nights
40 Days and 40 Nights

Diary entry- October 4, 2006

TWINS!!!!!! Yes indeed. It's official. I'm 3 people in one!
No wonder I've been so exhausted these past few weeks- so much more tired than when I was pregnant with Quinn.

Ok, mothers of multiple humans, help me out here. I am going to need LOTS of advice and hand-holding. Um, and

I am SO ecstatic but also overwhelmed with racing thoughts about this unexpected development. SO so very much to take into account.

Suddenly we have a family of FIVE! Suddenly this once-spacious four
bedroom house is starting to look small...suddenly I think I need a
new, larger vehicle. Suddenly I think I need a NANNY. Like now, would
be nice. My official due date is May 10- Mother's Day, but my doctor expects me to deliver early- around April 15, 2007.

I'm over the moon, but still a bit gobsmacked... Yipes!

I feel very fortunate to know so many people who have twins. Mark's brother and his wife have twin girls who are super.

PS- I forgot to add that I could see them moving already! Baby A and Baby B. They were kicking and squirming and their little hearts were so strong and healthy! It's all very encouraging but of course, I know I have to really take it easy with this one, at 40 years old.

So much to think about. (I never did nap- I tried but found it impossible to sleep with so much on my mind. I am purely exhausted right now but oh- so happy.)