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My "Sky is Falling" series was created in response to the constant barrage of threats, both real and imagined, that we face in an increasingly chaotic pandemic-era world. Our brains are manipulated into a heightened state of arousal all day every day from the incoming bombardment of texts, emails, messages, tweets, ads, posts, comments, DM's, calls, podcasts, shows, movies and news (whether factual or fake.)

In the grip of media immediacy, how do we distinguish what is worthy of our attention and which of the daily catastrophes to prioritize? It is often easier to feel outrage about strangers than to feel our own feelings of rage, grief and despair. Would we even know if the sky was truly falling or would we just keep doom scrolling to avoid seeing the truth?

When no less than seven loved ones were diagnosed or died from cancer in the space of a few short years, and health issues made living in my own body challenging, the gut-punch of urgency laid bare the essentials and allowed me to look to the skies with eyes washed clear. Sometimes the sky IS falling and all you can do is watch while it comes crashing down.

* Published in ArtDoc Magazine, Enigma of Life, Issue 3: 2023